Charity Work

Caroline Gunn (Operational Director) put forward a charity that helps people to live with and treat Crohn’s

disease and Ulcerative Colitis, two types of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), after Caroline’s son was

diagnosed with the condition in 2018.


The Catherine McEwan Foundation works to support families, ensuring no one with IBD feels alone.


Plus, they help invest in world-class research and many other unique ways.


Each year, the PR24 team puts forward a list of organisations close to their heart that reflect the PR24 brand

values, i.e. ‘give support freely’. It will allow us, as a team, to support initiatives and communities for many years.


“Since my son’s diagnosis, we’ve been blown away by the commitment, resilience, care and support we’ve not only seen but also received from the charity.


Traits that, as a team here at PR24, we embody daily. We’re looking forward to sponsoring some key events over the next year, volunteering alongside the charity, and raising funds to ensure we can help other people and families out there, just like my family.”   Caroline Gunn, (Operational Director)


“We are thrilled that Caroline and the Property Response 24 team have chosen the Catherine McEwan Foundation as their Charity of the Year.


We are very much looking forward to a close working relationship over the next 12 months fundraising and raising awareness of Crohn’s & Colitis in Scotland.”   Derek McEwan, Founder